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Business Insurance for All Large & Small Businesses

As a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, you require business insurance to cover your property and commercial liability insurance. A small property claim could have an impact on the financial strength of your business. But, a liability claim could have a huge impact, leading to thousands of dollars in defense costs as well as a settlement. This type of claim could force your business into bankruptcy and close your operations.   There is very minimal coverage provided by your hom...

Protect Yourself From Theft and Fire Hazards This Holiday Season

The holidays are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, incidence of fire and theft claims rise over this exciting season. Many of these claims are preventable so taking a few extra precautions can assure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.   More and more people are switching to shopping online instead of braving the crowds at the mall. This can potentially create an easy target for thieves as these deliveries are often left at a front or side door when you are not home. If you know you will be away while your packages are delivered consider having them s...

How Do Canadians Buy Insurance?

By asking their friends, of course. A recent study commisioned by PC Insurance concluded that people like to ask friends, family memebers, and coworkers about where and what insurance to purchase. This makes logical sense. We want to make the right decision about our insurance and we tend to ask the people we look up to in order to see what they did in a similar situation.   This shouldn't come as a surprise. Recent studies have concluded that word-of-m...

How to Avoid Business Insurance Claims

Your Business Insurance doesn’t cover everything. I know, it may sound a little weird coming from your insurance broker, but we want you to know your coverage. The fact is that, while you might be compensated for part of your loss, your insurance may not cover things such as loss of business, or the hassle and chaos that replacing damaged property or fighting a court case can bring. The truth is that no matter how great your insurance coverage is it is always best to avoid a claim in the first place.   In terms of small business owners it is important to identify the areas in y...
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