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How Do Canadians Buy Insurance?

By asking their friends, of course. A recent study commisioned by PC Insurance concluded that people like to ask friends, family memebers, and coworkers about where and what insurance to purchase. This makes logical sense. We want to make the right decision about our insurance and we tend to ask the people we look up to in order to see what they did in a similar situation.   This shouldn't come as a surprise. Recent studies have concluded that word-of-m...

Is Your Teenager Taking a Car Out of Province for University?

If your child is planning on taking their car out of Saskatchewan for University there are a few extra precautions you must take to ensure they are not only prepared, but also that they are properly insured.   In terms of insurance the first thing to do is visit and SGI motor license issuer. It does not matter if the plates are registered in your name or your child’s, but the eligibility questions will need to be re-answered if the vehicle is going to be outside...

How do you Make Wearing a Seatbelt a Fun Experience?

The seat belt. Up until recent years it has always been a surprisingly contentious issue in vehicles. The first cars never had seat belts and when the first prototypes were shown, they were immediately dismissed as unnecessary. Drivers didn't want to wear them. Car manufacturers didn't want to hassle of installing yet another safety feature that wasn't proven (at least in their minds). And Law enforcement didn't want to enforce it.   How ironic is it that our past is cluttered with resistance to some of the greatest safety inventions? The seat belt has saved thousands of live...

Forget Speeding Tickets, How About a Lottery for All Those Who Obey the Law?

A past winner of "The Fun Theory" contest, the lottery is an innovative idea around speeding drivers. In Regina we've just had an addition of a couple more radar cameras and we will continue to see more added to our Saskatchewan highways.   If you speed through construction zones in Saskatchewan the fines triple. That's a lot of revenue that could be put towards a lottery for those who are obeying the law and driving the speed limit! This author wants to see more positive renforcement within our legal system. Where else do you get rewarded for obeying the law? &n...
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